I’m Always Looking for New Closets to Feature

I’m always looking for Poshmark closets to feature on my blog. Read the following post to find out how it could be you!

Want to be Featured on my Blog? Read this Post!


Want to be Featured on my Blog? Read this Post!


In an effort to continue creating content and giving back to the reseller community, I have decided to start featuring other seller’s closets on my blog. I love seeing the diverse styles available from other sellers, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Are you a seller and want to be featured? Fill out this form and I will contact you with more information!

It Finally Happened.. The Poshmark Home Market

Big news! A new market is going to hit Poshmark on May 30. The “home” market really expands what sellers are able to list, but I know many of you have been against this from the start. I am open to exploring the new home poshmarket, and hope it allows sellers to earn more in their small business endeavors.

What do you think about the new market? I’d love to hear what you think!