Decluttering My Wardrobe /Minimalism

This year I decided not to wait for January to start my typical winter declutter. I figure if I start now then January I can focus more on my other goals: changing my diet! I also feel like things are more cluttered than they usually are and I can’t take it anymore! I am not […]

Decluttering My Wardrobe /Minimalism

Views of Life on October 20, 2020

Today I studied a little bit of punctuation for an online course. I also made biscotti.

Tonight, I am excited to get into some Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

I am also getting some use out of my face steamer. This was a gift from mom I wouldn’t have bought for myself, but I enjoy it.

Do you Remember?

Post-nap cha cha dancing

My life is an endless quest for fun. And I love sharing what I find with you.

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