Free Shipping on Big Bundles in my Poshmark Closet

Free Shipping on Big Bundles in my Poshmark Closet!

I am doing a special offer in my Poshmark closet! If you bundle five or more items, I’ll send you an offer with FREE SHIPPING! I also dropped prices on so many items, come and check out what I’ve still got available.

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Sunday Tasks

Such a slow Sunday. I have been rocking a headache for most of the day but wanted to get some of my logging caught up. I just finished entering my sales into my sales log from the past couple of weeks. I do have a paper log that I note on during the week, and then I just transfer it over to the digital version, so it isn’t too time-consuming to catch up. This has also become much easier after scaling down which platforms I sell on.

My plan for the rest of today is to add some new inventory into my database. I have been listing a lot of jewelry for my 3 for $15 jewelry promotion, so I’ve got quite a few numbers to add.

I did also manage to make some vegetable soup broth and kale chips, so there’s that to enjoy while I work on it!

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