Free Shipping on Big Bundles in my Poshmark Closet

Free Shipping on Big Bundles in my Poshmark Closet!

I am doing a special offer in my Poshmark closet! If you bundle five or more items, I’ll send you an offer with FREE SHIPPING! I also dropped prices on so many items, come and check out what I’ve still got available.

New to Poshmark? Download the App using my code ARCHAEO_CHIC and receive a credit towards your first purchase!


Depop Just Launched Their Bundle Feature!

One of the platforms I sell on just added a new feature. It’s called “Bag,” and it allows buyers to add multiple items from the same seller to one bag before checking out.

The view from inside my empty bag

This is huge for Depop. Until the Bag feature, buyers would have to message sellers asking for a custom listing. This put a lot of extra work for both parties on just one sale.

I can’t wait to see how this new feature works out!