Dancing With Your Kids (Activities from First 5 California)

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The ad-target gods bestowed some dance activities onto me, and so I wanted to pay it forward. Check out these fun and intuitive activities for dancing with children from First 5 California. I don’t have children, but you can for sure catch me carry dancing my cat around the house on any given day.

Carry Dance


Dancing with a toddler in your arms is an excellent way to get some exercise, build a stronger bond between the two of you, and teach your child about rhythm and music, as you dip and sway together. So get swinging to that beat!

How To

What You’ll Need:

  • Upbeat music – nursery rhymes, toddler songs, instrumental

Hold your child securely in your arms and start singing or playing the music. Exaggerate your dance moves with side-to-side sways and some surprising dips and turns. When the song or music ends, freeze in…

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FREE DANCE FRIDAY! Learn Ballroom Basics on YouTube

Curating FREE Dance Lessons for you at WelcomeToTheDance.com!

Welcome To The Dance

Hello, and happy Friday!

We are going to begin sharing a curated collection of FREE Dance Lessons and Resources from myself and other great dancers on YouTube every week! All of these lessons are available for you to experience for FREE on YouTube.

This week we have three beginner ballroom dance lessons. If you are brand new to ballroom dancing, be sure to check out this post first.

American Style Rumba Combination

Join Dances With Nikki for a super simple and fun American Style Rumba solo combination! We are using a basic box step, a side basic step, and a pivot/spot turn.

How to Dance A Jive Basic

If you love exciting dances, Jive is for you. In this video, Ballroom World Alina demonstrates a basic step for jive dance for both leaders and followers.

Stretches for Ballroom Dancing

Dance Vision’s latest upload features Dr. Christine Yim, PT, OCS…

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MARKETING FOR DANCE | A Throwback to My First Experience Teaching Dance Online

Welcome To The Dance

My first experience teaching dance online was in 2007 when I first started teaching at A Global Rhythm Dance Studio in Southern California. These videos were part of launching a new beginner ballroom dance class series at the studio. In each of these videos, we teach a basic step, and then share information about an upcoming class in the studio. The goal was to take a value-added approach to our marketing by providing a free first step lesson to students, and then invite them into the studio to learn more.

The Recording Experience

Recording the videos took some planning. First we chose which step to teach, and which music to use for the demonstration. We did our recordings at night after closing, so there were no students around. In order to maintain a consistent shooting frame throughout the recording process, we marked the floor with tape. One mark for the…

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Is a Website Worth It For Freelance Dancers?

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With physical dance studios shutting down, many individual dance instructors are exploring more freelance teaching options. Whether you are teaching via live-stream on social media, or through a video conference-calling service, investing in a personal website brings benefits for you and your students.

A Personal Dance Website Means More Control

Anyone can make a social media profile, but a website takes some planning. When you design your site, you have control over the layout of how your present yourself and your classes. Having this control helps you to communicate to your users exactly who you are, and your qualifications as a teacher.

Improved Communication With Your Students

There are many different types of dance businesses out there to be consumed, and while social media is a boon for reach, it can be difficult to be authentic in a static layout style or character limit. Posts about upcoming classes and other…

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DANCE PLANNERS AND JOURNALS: The Benefits of Taking a Reflexive Approach to Your Dance Practice

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Dancing is just as much of a mental sport as it is a physical one. It takes courage and confidence for anyone to attempt a step for the first time, and self-doubt is a common enemy for many. For myself, this doubt is usually coming from my feeling that my dancing might not fit in with professional expectations. One practice I use to combat this perpetual self-doubt is reflexivity.

In social science, reflexivity refers to a process of reexamination of norms. While there may be cultural norms in the dance world, we are all individual dancers. The benefit to incorporating regular reflection into your dance practice is that you can start to take control over the thoughts that may be holding you back from dancing confidently. When I am consistent with my reflecting practice, I find that I feel much more accepting of myself as a unique dancer, and also…

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KEEPING A CONSISTENT DANCE JOURNAL | Questions To Ask After Each Practice Session

Welcome To The Dance

Becoming a better dancer is about much more than just the physical practice. Self-reflection is a great tool you can use to learn about where you are at in your own personal dance journey, and start planning what you would like to be better with.

Bringing regular reflexivity into my dance practice, especially at home, is something I find to be essential for a healthy mind and body relationship. I do find it difficult to be consistent with my dance reflections, so I recently made this list of questions that I can focus on specifically for after dance practice sessions.

If you have a hard time with this like I do, consider joining me in asking yourself these questions after dance practice (you can do this in your journal, on a blog, or even just in your own head as a meditation practice):

  1. What is going well for me in…

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To Collaborate or Compete? A Reflection of Terms

Welcome To The Dance

To Collaborate or Compete?

I had originally intended on more of a fluffy motivational piece about how we should all be working together and not against one another. Collaboration is good and competition is bad, right? But as I was reflecting on the concepts of collaboration and competition, especially as they relate to my personal dance experiences, I found that both are positive and negative driving forces for my own personal dance motivation.

When I pulled up the definitions for both terms on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Website, I noticed something interesting. The definitions are strikingly similar.

Looking at it from a dance business perspective is interesting too. Dancers build their careers on competition events and collaborative projects. When it comes down to it, dance competition events can’t exist without a collaborative effort of hosts, staff, and participants. Likewise, many collaborative projects thrive because they allow for competing opinions of artists to exist together.

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Treats for Your Dance Feets!

Welcome To The Dance

One of my goals with my YouTube channel is to experiment with different styles of sharing dance information digitally that might be useful to others. I recently made two videos for foot stretching and relaxation that would make a fine end to a dancing day.

First up is a Follow-Along Foot Stretch

Now for the Foot Relaxation..

Please enjoy! You can find more videos like these on my YouTube channel, I hope I will see you there!

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Common Key terms used in Reselling

A stay at home mom, reselling my days away....

Ever see an item for sale as NIB or NWOT? Ever wonder what they mean? Here’s some common terms I’ve come across.

NIB new in box

NWOT new without tags

TTS true to size

OBO or best offer

MOC mint on card

NRFB never removed from box

COA certificate of authenticity

NOS new old stock

OOAK one of a kind

NBW never been worn

NIP new in package

NWT new with tags

BF best fit

VGC very good condition

BNWT brand new with tags

BNWOT brand new without tags

Depending on the platform you use, these terms can be useful in describing your item or saving space within the title. Buyers may also include these terms in their search. Be sure to include terms that fit your items description for better visibility. Have some terms to share? Let me know.

Get it delivered

If you can’t come to us, we’ll…

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