Views of Life on October 20, 2020

Today I studied a little bit of punctuation for an online course. I also made biscotti.

Tonight, I am excited to get into some Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

I am also getting some use out of my face steamer. This was a gift from mom I wouldn’t have bought for myself, but I enjoy it.

How to Find the Best Dance Classes on YouTube

Welcome To The Dance

How many times have you gone to search for a specific dance class, and the results are a mix of what you want and also what you wish you hadn’t seen?

Have you ever searched for a class and been inundated with so many search results, that you don’t know which one to choose, or even if the class is any good?

Or, are you a teacher who has been sharing lessons on YouTube, and can’t find the right students to dance with your content?

I’ve got you on this.

Every week on, I share a small collection of dance videos that are freely available on YouTube. I have gone through the time of searching for Quality dance lessons on YouTube and organizing them into curated posts.

It is my hope that in doing this, I will be able to connect potential students and teachers to each other who…

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Pivo Pod Face and Body Tracking Test Video

This video compares the Pivo Pod Cameraman face and body tracking features, used indoors for dancing. This review is for the original Pivo Pod.

Pivo silver is now available, but the only difference is a faster rotation speed. I hope it is useful to see the side-by-side face and body tracking capture comparison for Pivo.

Link to buy Pivo Pod Panoramic Cameraman:

Want more dance? Come say hi!

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Rebuilding the Past With the Future of Technology

Doing Anthropology

Archaeologists seeking a way to peer into bygone eras are turning a 180 to get the job done. Yes, looking forward is often the best way to reconnect with the past. In short, the future of tech is becoming the key to unlocking history. Thanks to new advances in technology and machine learning, scientific disciplines and archaeologists are able to recreate environments like never before. Here are two ways academics are reverse-engineering history with incredible accuracy.

3D Reverse Engineering

When teams uncover ancient artifacts, like the terracotta plaques of central Italy, what fragments do remain require a lot of imagination if you want to see what they used to look like. Or at least, that used to be the case. Thanks to 3D modeling, archaeologists can now turn over their precious finds to specialists who know how to reconstruct the original piece using software. Academics from Ohio to Oxford are…

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Simple Resources for Going Back to Dance Class

Welcome To The Dance

Scrolling through my social media feeds, I see that many dance studios are announcing that they will be opening back up for classes within the next week. I have some mixed thoughts about getting myself back out there. While I feel excited to get my toes back into the social waters, I will definitely be taking it slow and supplementing with online classes.

As I wrap my head back around going out into the dance world, I’ve made a few resources to help myself keep track of everything. This is a small set of printable dance logs and journal pages that I created to have a simple, and functional place to log my dance journey. (Disclaimer: I like to keep colors at a minimum to help extent my ink supply).

I’ve made them all available for you to download and use on my resources page.

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A Steady Stream of Small Sales

It’s been a little while since I have written anything on this blog feed. It’s nice to be here again!

I have been working on building up some of my other websites, so it’s been nice to have a small stream of sales coming in. Almost everything in my closet is on sale right now, so now is the last chance for many items.

I do have a few things that are ready to be listed. I aim to get those up over the next few days.

Join me on @poshmarkapp to buy and sell fashion. Sign up using my shop name ARCHAEO_CHIC to get $10 off your first order.

Do you Remember?

Post-nap cha cha dancing

My life is an endless quest for fun. And I love sharing what I find with you.

You can find more reflective posts from my dance journey at

Welcome to FREE DANCE DAY! Fun Dance Fitness

Welcome To The Dance

Hello, and happy Friday!

This week we have chosen three dance fitness lessons to get your weekend started off with some fun. All of these lessons are available for you to experience for FREE on YouTube.

Dance Cardio

Let’s start with a 90’s throwback dance cardio from Kyra Pro.

Dancer’s Arms

Your arms will love this workout from DanceBody. You can choose to do this one with or without added weights.


Finally, try this 15-minute ab routine from Maria Khoreva.

All of these lessons are available for FREE on YouTube. If there is a channel you love, remember you can subscribe to show your support and to start building your own archive of lessons.

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