MARKETING FOR DANCE | A Throwback to My First Experience Teaching Dance Online

Welcome To The Dance

My first experience teaching dance online was in 2007 when I first started teaching at A Global Rhythm Dance Studio in Southern California. These videos were part of launching a new beginner ballroom dance class series at the studio. In each of these videos, we teach a basic step, and then share information about an upcoming class in the studio. The goal was to take a value-added approach to our marketing by providing a free first step lesson to students, and then invite them into the studio to learn more.

The Recording Experience

Recording the videos took some planning. First we chose which step to teach, and which music to use for the demonstration. We did our recordings at night after closing, so there were no students around. In order to maintain a consistent shooting frame throughout the recording process, we marked the floor with tape. One mark for the…

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Common Key terms used in Reselling

A stay at home mom, reselling my days away....

Ever see an item for sale as NIB or NWOT? Ever wonder what they mean? Here’s some common terms I’ve come across.

NIB new in box

NWOT new without tags

TTS true to size

OBO or best offer

MOC mint on card

NRFB never removed from box

COA certificate of authenticity

NOS new old stock

OOAK one of a kind

NBW never been worn

NIP new in package

NWT new with tags

BF best fit

VGC very good condition

BNWT brand new with tags

BNWOT brand new without tags

Depending on the platform you use, these terms can be useful in describing your item or saving space within the title. Buyers may also include these terms in their search. Be sure to include terms that fit your items description for better visibility. Have some terms to share? Let me know.

Get it delivered

If you can’t come to us, we’ll…

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Reselling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hunting for Vintage

First, my condolences to those who have suffered during this pandemic due to the loss of a loved one, personal illness or financial loss. I have lived a good many decades and have never experienced anything like this before. It feels like we’ve entered “The Twilight Zone.” Last night my husband and I went out to dinner just to feel normal. It was good to see people sitting at the outdoor tables enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

This morning I got to thinking that for those of us who resell things (vintage or not), how will this pandemic affect our businesses? Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Sourcing Could Become More Difficult

My county has a mandatory cancellation of gatherings over 1000 people and is recommending canceling gatherings over 250 people. So my local monthly flea market is canceled this Saturday. I was planning on…

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Reselling as a Stay at Home Mom

Truly Lynz

Something I do to stay busy and bring in a little extra income as a stay at home mom is reselling. Reselling is taking things you have around your house, or when you buy used clothes, shoes, or home decor and list them for sale online, once the items sell, you ship them out. This is something that doesn’t have to have “set” hours, unless you want it to. It’s something that you can make work into your schedule instead of fitting your life into a work schedule, unless you want to.

This is the ultimate “side hustle” if you ask me. I am able to fully decide how busy or not busy I am. I am able to decide when I am in “mommy mode” and when I am in “mother hustler mode” each day. This gives me the freedom to make the decisions about how my day goes…

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Get Your Home Shopping On! New Jewelry for Sale in my Poshmark Closet

Come and shop new jewelry in my Poshmark closet!

Copper Earrings available

Join me on @poshmarkapp to buy and sell fashion. Sign up using my shop name ARCHAEO_CHIC to get $10 off your first order.

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Check out this awesome tripod I have been using lately! It can also be used for product 360 videos. I would have LOVED to try this thing out back when I was doing archaeology photography.

Welcome To The Dance

As a long-time house dancer, I had been desiring a way to film myself that would be more useful than my still phone on a tripod. I have seen some awesome dance videos on social medias, and also many that leave me wanting to see more. It is a huge advantage to be able to employ a moving cameraman perspective. When the lens can follow the dancer, that makes for great dance film. Realistically, however, all we have during practice is ourselves (and maybe a cat).

Enter the Pivo Pod. It’s a small tripod adapter that syncs with a software application in your smartphone. This software has a few different content creating features built in, but I am most interested in the action tracking capabilities. I love trying new technology, but let’s face it: a lot of tech looks better than it is. I first saw an ad for Pivo…

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Side-Hustle Ideas for Out of Work Dancers

A post from one of my other sites Welcome to the Dance. This post is not just for dancers, and shares ideas for making money online.

Welcome To The Dance

Hello dancers! If you are temporarily not working or working less, I feel you, and so I want to share a few ideas that I have used to make some extra money from home. I have done all these before, and while they are not meant to be a full-time dance income replacement, they may help to supplement you whatever your current situation may be like.

Resell Your Dance Clothing on Poshmark

If you have got any dance practice wear or costumes you won’t wear again, consider listing it on a resell app like Poshmark. I have used Poshmark for both buying and selling and have even found dance shoes for a great price. Poshmark was intended to be used to sell luxury and designer items too, so they have an authentication process available if you would like to list higher priced items such as ballroom competition gowns. For a…

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READ THIS: An open letter from Poshmark’s CEO

Poshmarks Founder and CEO Manish Chandra sent the following message to users:

“Dear Poshmark Community,

My heart is heavy with our nation’s tragic history of violence and racism that continues to target the Black community. So many are hurting, including many of you, and this pain cannot be ignored. I grieve for those who have lost their lives, their loved ones, their innocence, and their opportunity in life as a result of prejudice and discrimination.

We stand with the Black community. As a company, we haven’t spoken out publicly on important social issues like racism and injustice up to now, but we need to use our voice to help drive change and support the path to healing. The crisis of systemic racism in America is something that demands action and attention from all of us. As a first step, we are donating $100,000 across a number of organizations for their vital work to advance racial justice, civil rights, and economic empowerment in the United States: the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the National Urban League. We also want to create a future with more women of color in technology and will be supporting Black Girls Code as part of this donation.

We want to help create long-term change and will continue to seek out ways to be part of the progress, as a company and community. You have our commitment that acts of racism, hate speech, and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated on Poshmark and are a violation of our community guidelines. If you see or experience such acts, please contact us so we can take action.

We’re proud of the strong community we’ve built together over the years, one that leads with love and one where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Although the gravity of the injustice is immense, I believe in the power of community, the possibility that comes when we work together, and that love will always overcome hate.

Thank you for being part of the Poshmark community.”

Join me on @poshmarkapp to buy and sell fashion. Sign up using my shop name ARCHAEO_CHIC to get $10 off your first order.