Trash and treasure in a bottle of debitage

Trash or treasure?

The bottle of debitage I keep on my man

Debitage is the name for the cut remains that are produced during the flintknapping, process (aka lithic reduction).

Many years ago, this bottle contained Thai iced tea. Now it holds the debitage remains of some stones and glass I’ve had the honor of shaping.

Does the journey of these flakes end here on this mantle, or do they have a shinier future in store?

Only time will tell.

Ta for now ❤️

Maps from the mother of the redwoods

Views of adventure.

I took this picture while working on the Lucille Vinyard collection that is now kept at the Humboldt State University Library.

Lucille was an environmental activist in Northern California. Known as the Mother of the Redwoods, Lucille Vinyard has been an essential member of the Environmental movement and helped establish Redwood National Forest.

Lucille kept daily journals depicting both historical and environmental occurrences, but also offers an insight into the daily life of a beloved activist.

You can find a digitized journal collection in the Humboldt State University Library’s special collections.

Ta for now ❤️