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Katherine Dunham on Overcoming 1940’s Racism (Jacob’s Pillow Dance)

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The Katherine Dunham Dance Company was the first black modern-dance company in North America. In this video, Dancer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham describes the historical moment in 1944 when her dance company was asked to perform for a segregated audience in a Lexington, Kentucky theatre.

“Katherine Dunham (June 22, 1909 — May 21, 2006) An anthropologist, author, educator, song writer, dancer, choreographer and activist. Dunham worked as an anthropologist studying ethnographic dance in the Caribbean, predominantly Haiti, where she even became a mambo (priestess) in the Vaudon (Voodoo) religion. Her entrenched studies not only spearheaded a new idea of “dance anthropology” in academia but also launched Dunham into her future as a political activist in the States as well as the Caribbean.”

“PillowTalks use dance as a prism to explore the world at large. For more on Jacob’s Pillow please visit”

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Dancing for Good (A List of Dance Classes that are Giving Back)

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Taking an online dance class has many benefits, and sometimes one of the benefits is an opportunity to do good. For the month of June, many artists have pledged to donate their class proceeds for causes that fight racial inequality. Check out this list of fundraising dance classes that are happening this week and throughout June:

Martha Graham Dance Company

All revenue from this week’s online classes are going to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Gibney Dance

All online dance class revenue through June pledged to organizations on the front lines of the effort.

Peridance Capezio Center

will host a full week of online classes starting June 6, with funds raised going to organizations that fight against racial inequality.

Spenser Theberge

The dancer and choreographer is teaching three ballet classes this week, with proceeds going to The Color of Change.

Movement for Hope

Movement for Hope is holding classes…

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MoBBallet’s 12 Steps to Ballet’s Cultural Recovery

Dance culture

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Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet has created a list of 12 action steps for cultural recovery in ballet, and asks us to “Please read, affirm them by posting and tagging your organizations, leadership friends, colleages, brands who you support or support you… Ask them to post as a commitment to cultural recovery.”

Memoirs of Blacks in Ballet (@MoBBallet) works to preserve, present, and promote the contributions of Blacks in Ballet Internationally. Curated by Theresa Ruth Howard.

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A Letter to Dancers from Adie San Diego


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Dancer Adie San Diego shared this message for dancers on their Instagram profile:

“It is just as important to know about black dance pioneers like Master Juba, Josephine Baker, and Pearl Primus as much as we are taught to know famed white artists like Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, and Jerome Robbins.

It was only in the later years of my four year collegiate level dance program that my eyes were opened to the truth of the impact that black people and black dance made in dance education…MY dance education. And we were only able to scratch the surface on this vital information. So I admit, MY KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED, but I am EAGER to learn more, as I’m sure you are too.”

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Petitioning for More Inclusive Dance Product Options, and Where to find Them Now!

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There are two petitions going around to demand that two big dance-wear companies, Bloch and Capezio to offer more inclusive color options for their products. Since the petitions went live, Bloch has already announced it will be offering more more shades in fall!

Bloch is joining Freed as one of the only big companies to offer more options for both dance shoes and other essential dance-wear items like tights. You can also support business like Blendz Apparel, who already specialize in creating beautiful dance-wear for all skin tones.

Thank you to Briana and Dominique for sharing this information on Twitter!

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Digital Data and Dance: Combining my Passions

Nerding out on digital dance culture.

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I am no stranger to working from home. I completed the bulk of my master’s degree remotely and I have had my own online businesses and blogging endeavors on and off for a few years. That being said, this whole situation is allowing me to reflect and focus on my own plans.

The original goal of this blog was to combine my love of data and dance, and to use that passion to improve the dance industry. I had already been talking with a few of my local studios about their online presence and digital teaching goals. For the most part, the response was positive but hesitant. Often, there are more questions than answers, since each studio has its own unique culture and client base. Now that we are in a moment of clear social distancing, physical studios feel they have no other option but to go digital.

As many…

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Coming Now! My Digital Dance YouTube Channel

For the last few months, I have been working on my YouTube channel where I share free dance tutorials and some of my experiences as a dancer and anthropologist. It’s been fun trying out new ways of teaching dance.

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I just finished uploading my introductory video on my new YouTube channel. I am so excited to share my experiences as an applied anthropologist and consumer of dance culture and hope you will join me in discussing all things digital dance!

I have some exciting projects planned for that in the coming weeks, so please subscribe and help me build up my momentum!

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Side-Hustle Ideas for Out of Work Dancers

A post from one of my other sites Welcome to the Dance. This post is not just for dancers, and shares ideas for making money online.

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Hello dancers! If you are temporarily not working or working less, I feel you, and so I want to share a few ideas that I have used to make some extra money from home. I have done all these before, and while they are not meant to be a full-time dance income replacement, they may help to supplement you whatever your current situation may be like.

Resell Your Dance Clothing on Poshmark

If you have got any dance practice wear or costumes you won’t wear again, consider listing it on a resell app like Poshmark. I have used Poshmark for both buying and selling and have even found dance shoes for a great price. Poshmark was intended to be used to sell luxury and designer items too, so they have an authentication process available if you would like to list higher priced items such as ballroom competition gowns. For a…

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