Dance Practice Elevated

I took this dance practice clip and added new music and stickers for Instagram reels.

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Pivo Pod Face and Body Tracking Test Video

This video compares the Pivo Pod Cameraman face and body tracking features, used indoors for dancing. This review is for the original Pivo Pod.

Pivo silver is now available, but the only difference is a faster rotation speed. I hope it is useful to see the side-by-side face and body tracking capture comparison for Pivo.

Link to buy Pivo Pod Panoramic Cameraman:

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Do you Remember?

Post-nap cha cha dancing

My life is an endless quest for fun. And I love sharing what I find with you.

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Coffee and Dance in the Mornings

Moments to Enjoy

A glimpse of morning joy from my dance Instagram page

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What I see vs. what my coffee sees every morning

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Real Estate Investing for All

Real estate options provide investors with wider portfolio diversification, higher returns potential, and consistency compared to more volatile markets. Investing in Real estate may seem like a future goal, but technology has made it much easier to join in. Fundrise is an online real estate investment platform that I have been using since 2018. This … Continue reading Real Estate Investing for All