Rebuilding the Past With the Future of Technology

Doing Anthropology

Archaeologists seeking a way to peer into bygone eras are turning a 180 to get the job done. Yes, looking forward is often the best way to reconnect with the past. In short, the future of tech is becoming the key to unlocking history. Thanks to new advances in technology and machine learning, scientific disciplines and archaeologists are able to recreate environments like never before. Here are two ways academics are reverse-engineering history with incredible accuracy.

3D Reverse Engineering

When teams uncover ancient artifacts, like the terracotta plaques of central Italy, what fragments do remain require a lot of imagination if you want to see what they used to look like. Or at least, that used to be the case. Thanks to 3D modeling, archaeologists can now turn over their precious finds to specialists who know how to reconstruct the original piece using software. Academics from Ohio to Oxford are…

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