FREE DANCE FRIDAY! Learn Ballroom Basics on YouTube

Curating FREE Dance Lessons for you at!

Welcome To The Dance

Hello, and happy Friday!

We are going to begin sharing a curated collection of FREE Dance Lessons and Resources from myself and other great dancers on YouTube every week! All of these lessons are available for you to experience for FREE on YouTube.

This week we have three beginner ballroom dance lessons. If you are brand new to ballroom dancing, be sure to check out this post first.

American Style Rumba Combination

Join Dances With Nikki for a super simple and fun American Style Rumba solo combination! We are using a basic box step, a side basic step, and a pivot/spot turn.

How to Dance A Jive Basic

If you love exciting dances, Jive is for you. In this video, Ballroom World Alina demonstrates a basic step for jive dance for both leaders and followers.

Stretches for Ballroom Dancing

Dance Vision’s latest upload features Dr. Christine Yim, PT, OCS…

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