To Collaborate or Compete? A Reflection of Terms

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To Collaborate or Compete?

I had originally intended on more of a fluffy motivational piece about how we should all be working together and not against one another. Collaboration is good and competition is bad, right? But as I was reflecting on the concepts of collaboration and competition, especially as they relate to my personal dance experiences, I found that both are positive and negative driving forces for my own personal dance motivation.

When I pulled up the definitions for both terms on the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Website, I noticed something interesting. The definitions are strikingly similar.

Looking at it from a dance business perspective is interesting too. Dancers build their careers on competition events and collaborative projects. When it comes down to it, dance competition events can’t exist without a collaborative effort of hosts, staff, and participants. Likewise, many collaborative projects thrive because they allow for competing opinions of artists to exist together.

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