Reselling as a Stay at Home Mom

Truly Lynz

Something I do to stay busy and bring in a little extra income as a stay at home mom is reselling. Reselling is taking things you have around your house, or when you buy used clothes, shoes, or home decor and list them for sale online, once the items sell, you ship them out. This is something that doesn’t have to have “set” hours, unless you want it to. It’s something that you can make work into your schedule instead of fitting your life into a work schedule, unless you want to.

This is the ultimate “side hustle” if you ask me. I am able to fully decide how busy or not busy I am. I am able to decide when I am in “mommy mode” and when I am in “mother hustler mode” each day. This gives me the freedom to make the decisions about how my day goes…

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