DO IT FOR THE GRAHAM | A Dance Challenge Anyone Can Try

Welcome To The Dance

The Martha Graham Dance Company is hosting a “Show Us Your Graham” challenge on Instagram. For this challenge, all you have to do is reinterpret one of Graham’s 19 poses into an everyday task. Then, post your creation to social media with hashtags: #19poses and #marthagraham and tag a woman who inspires you.

Martha Graham’s 19 Poses

The 19 Poses are a part of the EVE Project, and are intended to honor Suffragettes and illuminate Martha Graham’s powerful representations of women in performances.

The Official Contest Guidelines

  • Find a creative, unexpected way to use one of the 19 Poses to perform an everyday task
  • Take your photo in an everyday setting (grocery store, subway, backyard, cafeteria, dog park – anywhere but a dance studio!)
  • Get creative! Use props, other people, and incorporate your surroundings into the pose
  • Hashtag #19Poses and #marthagraham
  • Tag a woman (or women) who inspires you!


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