Utilizing Footwear Traumata for Identification in Forensic Anthropology (2012)

one of my past school papers from forensic anthropology class..

Nicole Martensen


This paper presents the results of a research inquiry into the possible applications of footwear studies to forensic anthropology. These applications have been broken into three sections which include the various bone morphological changes caused by footwear, the use of shoe data in forensic cases, and how the shod versus unshod argument could be significant to forensic anthropology. Each section provides a description and how each example may be applicable to forensic anthropology.

Trauma of the Foot as a response to Footwear

The traumata discussed here reflect changes in bone morphology which may be related with specific types of footwear. Consideration for differences in shod versus unshod will be discussed in a later section. Because shoe style is a lifestyle choice, the ability to estimate specific long-term footwear can aid in an individual identification for a forensic case.

The first of these injuries I would like to discuss fall…

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