Moore, C. (2002). The New Heart of Your Brand: Transforming Your Business through Customer Experience (Summary)

From my Anthropology blog..

Nicole Martensen

In this article, Moore discusses how to develop meaningful experiences for customers. Understanding customer experience is important because, according to Moore, experiences are what influences the future behaviors of consumers above everything else. Interacting with a business is always an experience, whether it be good or bad. Moore references Chase and Dasu in illuminating that all that really matters is the customers perception of the experience. I find this to be a key point worth reiterating for not only business, but research. Regardless of intentions and execution, there is always the risk of harm. The key to creating better experiences, according to Moore, is to think beyond focusing on any single channel of engagement. Many businesses tend to think of having many channels, but those channels must integrate to help customers achieve their goals. For example, Businesses use email blasts, blog posts, and social media platforms. Not only do these…

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