Check out this awesome tripod I have been using lately! It can also be used for product 360 videos. I would have LOVED to try this thing out back when I was doing archaeology photography.

Welcome To The Dance

As a long-time house dancer, I had been desiring a way to film myself that would be more useful than my still phone on a tripod. I have seen some awesome dance videos on social medias, and also many that leave me wanting to see more. It is a huge advantage to be able to employ a moving cameraman perspective. When the lens can follow the dancer, that makes for great dance film. Realistically, however, all we have during practice is ourselves (and maybe a cat).

Enter the Pivo Pod. It’s a small tripod adapter that syncs with a software application in your smartphone. This software has a few different content creating features built in, but I am most interested in the action tracking capabilities. I love trying new technology, but let’s face it: a lot of tech looks better than it is. I first saw an ad for Pivo…

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