Common Key terms used in Reselling

A stay at home mom, reselling my days away....

Ever see an item for sale as NIB or NWOT? Ever wonder what they mean? Here’s some common terms I’ve come across.

NIB new in box

NWOT new without tags

TTS true to size

OBO or best offer

MOC mint on card

NRFB never removed from box

COA certificate of authenticity

NOS new old stock

OOAK one of a kind

NBW never been worn

NIP new in package

NWT new with tags

BF best fit

VGC very good condition

BNWT brand new with tags

BNWOT brand new without tags

Depending on the platform you use, these terms can be useful in describing your item or saving space within the title. Buyers may also include these terms in their search. Be sure to include terms that fit your items description for better visibility. Have some terms to share? Let me know.

Get it delivered

If you can’t come to us, we’ll…

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Reselling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hunting for Vintage

First, my condolences to those who have suffered during this pandemic due to the loss of a loved one, personal illness or financial loss. I have lived a good many decades and have never experienced anything like this before. It feels like we’ve entered “The Twilight Zone.” Last night my husband and I went out to dinner just to feel normal. It was good to see people sitting at the outdoor tables enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

This morning I got to thinking that for those of us who resell things (vintage or not), how will this pandemic affect our businesses? Here’s what I’ve come up with…

Sourcing Could Become More Difficult

My county has a mandatory cancellation of gatherings over 1000 people and is recommending canceling gatherings over 250 people. So my local monthly flea market is canceled this Saturday. I was planning on…

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Top 10 Tips for Shopping on Depop:

Oh Lucy Style

Shopping on Depop can be a bit of a minefield. It’s one of my favourite places to find individual and unique clothing items, whilst also reducing your contact with the fast fashion industry. However, getting that perfect piece for your clothing collection can be a struggle.

When you first log onto the site you suddenly have about 50 accounts follow you, despite the fact you haven’t yet liked an item, let alone put one up for sale. Then, it can feel like endlessly looking through the back of someone’s cupboard if you don’t search correctly. And when you finally find something you like, the account is selling the secondhand top for £39.99. So to help you navigate and sort the crap from the cracking, here are my top tips.

1. Search for items by account. Okay, so you aren’t looking for a specific item, but want more of a ‘browsing…

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Sourcing and Reselling During a Pandemic

New England Finds and Fancies

I thought I would do an update on how my sourcing/selling is doing during this global pandemic where we are at home if we can be. I can’t source for eBay in my usual places so I have been sourcing differently with mixed results. My eBay sales have been steady through this, mostly from items that were sourced previously. I have sourced items in two different ways during this situation. Three times I have bought items on eBay to flip. The first purchase was a pair of Lenci dolls. I spent $35 all in for two 18″ cloth Lenci fairy tale dolls. One is a Little Red Riding Hood doll and the other is a Pinocchio doll. So far I have only put up the Little Red Riding Hood doll and she has not sold.


I have posted previously about the mystery box of vintage doll clothes that I bought…

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Reselling as a Stay at Home Mom


Something I do to stay busy and bring in a little extra income as a stay at home mom is reselling. Reselling is taking things you have around your house, or when you buy used clothes, shoes, or home decor and list them for sale online, once the items sell, you ship them out. This is something that doesn’t have to have “set” hours, unless you want it to. It’s something that you can make work into your schedule instead of fitting your life into a work schedule, unless you want to.

This is the ultimate “side hustle” if you ask me. I am able to fully decide how busy or not busy I am. I am able to decide when I am in “mommy mode” and when I am in “mother hustler mode” each day. This gives me the freedom to make the decisions about how my day goes…

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Reselling Thrift Store Finds. Is it Worth it? — The Sweet Life Scientist

I’ve recently become interested in starting a side hustle reselling suuuuper cheap thrift store items for decent – but profitable – prices. Think about it: You can purchase something from Goodwill for a dollar. Even if that thing isn’t worth just a whole lot, if you resell it for $10, that’s a comparatively large profit […]

Reselling Thrift Store Finds. Is it Worth it? — The Sweet Life Scientist

Join me on @poshmarkapp to buy and sell fashion. Sign up using my shop name ARCHAEO_CHIC to get $10 off your first order.

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7 Top Tips for How to Get Started on Poshmark — The Newbury Girl

Today, I am beyond EXCITED To be sharing my first guest post on The Newbury Girl! As someone who loves thrift shopping and who hates wastefulness, Poshmark is a wonderful place for buying and selling gently used items. In today’s post, my friend and Poshmark Expert, Jasmine, will be sharing her top tips for getting started on Poshmark.

7 Top Tips for How to Get Started on Poshmark — The Newbury Girl

Join me on @poshmarkapp to buy and sell fashion. Sign up using my shop name ARCHAEO_CHIC to get $10 off your first order.

DO IT FOR THE GRAHAM | A Dance Challenge Anyone Can Try

Welcome To The Dance

The Martha Graham Dance Company is hosting a “Show Us Your Graham” challenge on Instagram. For this challenge, all you have to do is reinterpret one of Graham’s 19 poses into an everyday task. Then, post your creation to social media with hashtags: #19poses and #marthagraham and tag a woman who inspires you.

Martha Graham’s 19 Poses

The 19 Poses are a part of the EVE Project, and are intended to honor Suffragettes and illuminate Martha Graham’s powerful representations of women in performances.

The Official Contest Guidelines

  • Find a creative, unexpected way to use one of the 19 Poses to perform an everyday task
  • Take your photo in an everyday setting (grocery store, subway, backyard, cafeteria, dog park – anywhere but a dance studio!)
  • Get creative! Use props, other people, and incorporate your surroundings into the pose
  • Hashtag #19Poses and #marthagraham
  • Tag a woman (or women) who inspires you!


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How Do I Keep Track of All of My Online Dance Classes?

Tips for tracking online (and in-person) dance classes!

Welcome To The Dance

Are you feeling overwhelmed with options for online classes? This post is for you. With physical locations on hold, the dance world has been transitioning to online classes. I personally enjoy this, because I was already a huge nerd for digital dance culture and was already using digital resources to supplement my in-person learning. Now, there are opportunities popping up hourly to take classes with our communities remotely, as well as with celebrity dancers.

Don’t Let The Fear of Missing Out Discourage You

With so many live-streams and video courses to choose from, it can start to feel like you are missing out on everything. I do want to all remind you that all these teachers and studios already existed, they just weren’t as accessible online as they are now.At some point in the future, not every studio will need to continue with online business, but for now, I want…

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SHARING DANCE CONTENT | How to get Started!

I can’t wait to see what you share!

Welcome To The Dance

Digital dance is having a big moment, and I am way excited to see the influx of sharing dance online. Many dancers, professional or not, have an experience or class that could be digitized to share, and now is the time to do it! Plus, when you share your personal perspectives online, you are contributing to a collective archive of dance knowledge and memory. If you scroll through an online dance feed, and think, “I could do that too!” you are so right! Keep reading to find out how to do it. And for those of you dancers who have already got your feed going, stay tuned! I’ll be sharing many more tips and tricks to assess and improve your online presence and engagement!

Choosing What to Share

Before you can share, you will need to choose what you want to be sharing. Some dancers share choreography videos on YouTube…

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