Welcome to FREE DANCE DAY! Simple Ballet Starters

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Welcome To The Dance

Hello, and Welcome Back!

This week we have three beginner ballet dance lessons to inspire your inner swan, or whatever role you aspire to. All of these lessons are available for you to experience for FREE on YouTube.

Ballet Starters

To start with, this video featuring Royal Ballet School trained ex Professional Ballerina, Kimberley Berkin shares 5 of the basic feet positions you will encounter in ballet class. This is for those of you who are brand new to ballet, or are returning after a break and would like a reminder.

Beginner Ballet Barre

In this video, Miami City Ballet soloist Kathryn Morgan shares a full barre for beginning level ballet students, but is also great for advanced dancers who want to work on their technique.

Conditioning for Ballet

For a simple stretch, this video shares a follow-along stretch routine that targets leg, hip, and back flexibility, followed by…

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Digital Dance Skills in Progress | Video Editing

Welcome To The Dance

Those of you who know me personally may know that have been practicing to learn more video editing skills. To do this, I am using an outdated version of Camtasia by TechSmith that I purchased during college. For the most part, I had only used it for tutorials and discussion videos for school. In terms of editing experience, this was basic. Now that my degrees are finished, I have the time to learn much more.

Capturing dance footage is actually a very new practice for me. When I danced before, the recording capabilities and storage on cell phones was much less than it is today. Now, we have social media apps with creation features that will allow multiple takes to be stitched and edited seconds after capture. The potential applications for newer technologies and dance excites me (insert dance robot with adjustable haptic feedback).

One of My Edited Practice Videos

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